Foundations and NPOs (non-profit organisations)

Transparency and reliability create trust. That is particularly important for non-profit NPOs. We support you in adhering to statutory duties.

  • Auditing and consultancy for all sizes of NPO.
  • Efficient and economic approach
  • Sustainable value-added thanks to knowledge from auditing work

For transparency in financial reporting

The transparency and reliability of the financial reporting should be increased with the Swiss GAAP FER 21 “Accounting for charitable, social non-profit organisations” prepared by the Expert Committee for Accounting Recommendations. Provida Wirtschaftsprüfung AG accompanies you in striving to adhere to statutory duties. You can rely on an efficient and economic approach with us. Our experienced auditors use knowledge from auditing work to create sustainable value-added for your organisation. Provida Wirtschaftsprüfung AG’s certification underlines your trustworthiness.

Christoph Schlegel

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Christoph Schlegel

Swiss certified auditor

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