Public administration

Correct accounting according to HRM2 and Swiss GAAP FER 21 is becoming increasingly important for public administration. We help you to increase the quality and efficiency of your finance.

  • Political and school municipalities
  • Special needs schools and workshops
  • Administration unions (water, wastewater and refuse)
  • Old-age and nursing homes, hospitals
  • Technical companies and other public corporations
  • Canton administrations

Higher audit results quality

As a public administration, you are aware of the challenge of finding competent and experienced commission members for auditing the annual accounts and the internal control system (IKS). The close collaboration between the Provida auditors and your Business and Accounting Control Committee (GRPK) is the decisive success factor for the quality of the audit results, determinations and recommendations.

Detailed reports

In addition to the statutory audit report, as a public administrative body you receive a comprehensive management letter for the attention of GRPK and administration with all determinations regarding legitimacy and IKS as well as corresponding recommendations.

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