Risk management and internal control systems (IKS)

Our specialists support you in an uncomplicated, direct and targeted manner when implementing statutory regulations and the achievement of tailor-made solutions for your company.

  • Internationally recognised risk management or IKS approach
  • Taking the Swiss testing standards (PS) 890 or, as desired, from the SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) into account
  • The IKS tool is also appropriate for pension funds / provident institutions
  • User-friendly risk management tool for SMCs

Tailor-made support

We support you with simple, effective and economic instruments both for the implementation of statutory regulations and for the achievement of your individual targets in the risk management / IKS area. Our internationally recognised risk management or IKS approach also involves the areas and processes at (foreign) subsidiaries. If necessary or desired, we also take the requirements of the Swiss auditing standard (PS) 890 or from SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) into account when designing or testing the IKS.

Tool for internal control systems also for provident institutions 

Provida’s IKS tool can also be used in pension funds / provident institutions. The legitimacy of management to be confirmed by the control side can be supported effectively using these standardised tools.

Pragmatic risk management tool for SMCs

In collaboration with i-Risk GmbH (a spinoff of ETH Zürich), specialised in risk management, Provida has developed a pragmatic risk management tool. The purpose of this tool is to support small and medium-sized companies in meeting legal requirements, using proven, user-friendly and economic methods.

Specialised auditors (CIA) at your side

As of a certain size, companies ought to have internal auditing. In order to avoid corresponding fixed costs, this function can also be transferred to external specialised auditors (e.g. certified internal auditors - CIAs). Here too, Provida offers the necessary competence.

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