Special audits

In addition to the proven services, our top qualified specialists also provide auditing services in various further areas.

  • Function as “internal auditors” on behalf of a party
  • Special audits for restructuring projects within the scope of the FusG – Fusion Law
  • Foundation, capital increase and reduction audits
  • Audits in the VAT area
  • Audits in the area of the SchKG – Swiss Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law
  • Checking business analyses
  • Auditing management
  • Audits on behalf of a party
  • Special audits on behalf of state examination and prosecuting authorities
  • Special stock and share-related auditing
  • Peer review and supporting trust companies and auditing companies
  • Objective, competent support for the evaluation process of ERP and IT systems
  • External rating expert opinions and analyses to optimise your rating

No matter whether it is time for the evaluation of new ERP or IT systems for your company, whether you require an analysis to optimise your rating or an internal audit or wish to commission a management examination or a different special examination: in addition to the auditing services mentioned, we have excellently qualified and experienced employees who can provide you with auditing services in various further areas. All reports which result from our audits are meaningful and designed to facilitate further use.

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