Family Office

The financial and administrative support of families and family holdings can result in huge gains in efficiency. Trust in our specialists’ knowledge.

  • Granting of domicile for family holdings
  • Secretarial management
  • Managing accounting and the preparation of financial statements
  • Implementation support for the investment strategy
  • Representation on the board of directors of family holding companies
  • Consultancy for financial statements, tax and legal matters
  • Handling all tax matters for the family and the affiliated companies involved

Success remains in the family

Our family office offer includes services for families and family holdings such as escrow services, asset management, consultancy for financial statements, tax and legal matters, administrative support and a lot more. If desired, we also represent you on the board of directors of your holding company. Profit from our expertise and experience here.

We have placed our trust in Provida Wirtschaftsprüfung AG for over 20 years, because we believe that success and sustainability go hand in hand, both in our professional lives and in our finances. Here in the Appenzell region, tradition based on the tried and tested still counts for something. And, as everyone knows, shared values connect.

David Höhener, wood construction engineer, Member of the Management Board of Höhener Wald AG,

Michael Arndt

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