Provida Cloud Service


Would you like flexible, mobile access to your accounting system?

Work wherever you want with AbaWeb, the flexible, innovative ONLINE software from the Provida private cloud.

Greater freedom of movement for you and your employees

Access your current data and applications online any time at work, from home or on the go.

Secure access from your mobile phone

Now you can re-authenticate yourself using your mobile phone. Log in quickly and securely using your mobile phone and either your mobile ID from Swisscom or your Post Suisse ID and its mobile service, and rest assured your online data will always be well protected.

Extensive customisation so you can do it your way

There is no limit to the ways in which tasks can be flexibly divided between the trustee and the client. Would you like to enter the cash flows yourself, manage the creditors and leave the debtors, general ledger and VAT accounting to us? Or does your auditor require access to the accounting data? It’s all possible with the  cloud service from Provida.

All you need is access to the internet, a browser and a SuisseID or mobile ID. Regardless of whether you have Windows, Linux or Mac OS X on your computer, you can now easily enter and retrieve data from the ABACUS finance or payroll software via the internet, all directly from the Provida software environment.

The benefits

  • Affordable, clearly defined and predictable monthly costs for the software subscription.
  • Invest your money in your core business. AbaWeb requires no initial investment.
  • Work wherever you want and enjoy access to your data and applications at all times.
  • We provide all the updates and program maintenance.
  • We make sure your data is backed up.
  • Secure authentication on your smartphone.
  • AbaWeb can be flexibly adapted to suit your company’s changing needs.
  • AbaWeb enables you to enter data directly into Provida’s software, where it is securely stored.
Marcel Spörri

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Marcel Spörri

Account manager trustee

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