Vision statement

Whatever we do - our employees focus resolutely on our customers’ success.

Innovative from experience

Our foundation is 70 years of experience on which we develop and implement creative and interdisciplinary innovative solutions for increasingly demanding tasks set by our customers every day anew.

Preserving the overview

As a full-service company with some 80 employees, we cover the full range of auditing, corporate consultancy and trust business competently. We consider it important that our employees have a broad and in-depth command of their specialist area. We can thus help our customers to also retain an overview for complex projects.

Quality-conscious and solution-oriented

Quality comes first for us. Thanks to our experience, we have a command of the field of tension to what is economically viable. Our solutions are practicable according to the principle: as much as necessary, as little as possible. 

Based on partnership and authentic

On the basis of trust and reciprocal esteem, we enjoy a relationship based on partnership. We represent clear positions, don’t beat around the bush and thus assume responsibility.

Dr. Beat Hirt

Dr. Beat Hirt

Owner, CEO

+41 71 466 71 71