Evaluations and expert opinions

The preparation of meaningful expert opinions on important investment decisions, business tax and/or legal facts poses the highest requirements. Here, you can rely on our competence. 

  • Due diligence
  • Company rating using modern, understandable models: Multiple models, the discounted cash flow method (DCF), EVA - economic value-added, yield or mean value method

Due Diligence

The term “due diligence” describes a process with which a company should be audited prior to an acquisition. Due diligence examinations incorporate systematic analysis of weaknesses and strengths of the company as well as the determination of the related opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). This includes clarification regarding the products, markets, staff and material resources or also of the financial, legal and tax-related risks. For the successful implementation of a due diligence audit, we provide you a team of experienced auditors, tax and legal consultants, business managers and further specialists as required.

Company rating

Reasons for company ratings include the purchase or sale of companies or parts thereof, flotation (IPO), restructuring facts such as fusions or splits as well as successor rulings. Our evaluation specialists help you to select the right rating method when collating data material and determining realistic evaluation parameters. Here, we use modern, comprehensible models such as multiple models, the (DCF) discounted cash flow method, EVA economic value-added or also the yield value or average value method. The value of the company is determined in a meaningful, easily understandable report together with the data basis upon which it is based.

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We have relied on collaboration with and the services of PROVIDA for more than 10 years. As an international company, we can always rely on good specialist support. Our regional anchoring with PROVIDA is very valuable – especially for conveying a good ‘Swissness’ abroad.

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